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We can count on Wes:

Since being elected in 2018 to the Alabama House of Representatives, Wes Kitchens has consistently been named one of Alabama's most conservative legislators.

Wes has routinely voted to increase funding for local schools, been a staunch advocate for school safety, stood up to wasteful spending, and has never wavered from supporting Alabama values.

Now, Wes is seeking the Republican nomination in Senate District 9. He'll take the same conservative voting record and legislative leadership he's shown in the House with him to the State Senate.

Where Wes Stands:

The Constitution

Wes is a constitutional conservative. He believes the Constitution should always be the guiding document for elected officials and public policy. Wes will continue to support and defend the Constitution in the State Senate just as he has done in the House of Representatives.

Alabama Values

Wes is honored to have been an itegral part of Alabama's growth, success, and improvement over the past few years. He's done this by standing tall on his Alabama values of faith, family, and freedom. As your Senator, Wes will continue looking for every opportunity to move Alabama forward.

Fiscal Conservative

Wes has been a staunch advocate for eliminating wasteful spending and cutting taxes on Alabama's families and small businesses. Since being elected, Wes has helped lead the way to cutting nearly 80 million dollars in taxes on Alabamians, all while continuing to invest in Education.

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